A robot doorman for your apartment

What is Speakeasy Callbox?

Speakeasy Callbox is a robotic doorman that buzzes trusted visitors into your apartment building. Visitors say the secret passphrase and we automatically buzz them into your building. Our automated answering service seamlessly integrates with existing callboxes in apartment buildings. If the visitor doesn’t know the secret passcode, we forward the caller to your cell, just like a normal callbox.

$2.99 / month

14 day free trial

Easily cancel any time

How does this work?


After you sign up, we’ll give you the phone number to your robot doorman. Ask your building management to change the number that your callbox dials to your Speakeasy phone number.


Whenever someone tries to reach you via your apartment callbox, your robot doorman will answer the call and request the visitor say the secret word.


If the visitor says the secret word, the robot doorman will buzz in the visitor; the doorman will simultaneously send you a text message to inform you that you have a visitor.


If the visitor doesn’t know the secret word, the doorman will forward the call to your cell number, and you can decide whether or not to buzz in the visitor.

What does it cost?


Speakeasy Callbox costs $2.99 per month, with a one-time $1 setup fee. Easily cancel any time.

14 day free trial